Why Less Is Way More

That’s a hard question to answer Fur Crying Out Loud-4Bob-Garlick-Alley

As a 40 year veteran of photography I realized that I have shot almost everything under the sun and used almost every format of camera that I could get my hands on.

After years of capturing everything from:

  • Corporate power parties
  • Formula cars flashing past
  • Scantily clad models pouting and posing
  • Scintillating food dripping with flavor
  • Pedantic writers contemplating reality as rain drips off our clothes
  • Or small sugar crazed children running around a park…

I noticed that the type of photography that gave me the most satisfaction was when I worked with people doing simple clear and honest shots. Images that capture the essence of the subject and do it in an uncompromising manner.

FOX Sports Crew FIFA-5

Yes you can drag a bunch of lighting gear and a bag full of lenses to a shoot but I find that this approach is too distracting and stops the shoot from being a free flowing experience. I never know what I will get from a shoot, but I know it will be as close to an honest and direct representation of who was there and what was going on as I can make possible.

Photography is an art form and as an artist I want to consistently produce a specific style of image. Gritty true to life and dripping with texture.

So if you would like to hire me to do just that I would be happy to talk with you about your needs.

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It doesn’t matter if you need a business event captured or a special fashion studio style setup or some sort of staged editorial image that will make people stop and read your headline.

Please contact me and I would be happy to work with you and make that image as exciting and fresh as possible.