Instagram Fun

instagram-logoEver wonder if you need a better camera or a new lens. Check out my Instagram collection and see what you can do if you understand composition, light and the limitations of your camera. Quite often it’s better to have a simple setup and work the scene that has caught your eye. It will also enable you to learn that some shots are just not going to work so that you can move on to discover a better photo opportunity.

I use a Nexus 5 for my Instagram account and keep it as authentic as possible. I don’t use the preset filers but I do use the very user friendly photo adjustment tools you will find by clicking on the “Wrench Icon”.

I adjust the crop and tweak the image to make the composition look it best when square. The I add a bit of contract, saturation and beef up the shadow and punch up the highlights to make things a bit crisper. If the shot needs a bit more direction I will add some vignetting and in some cases the Tilt Shift function to focus the eye on the subject of the image.

QUICK TIP – For Better Image Quality:

Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and bringing out details you couldn’t see before. Once you’ve taken a photo or uploaded a saved photo from your phone, just tap the sun symbol in the camera view to turn Lux on. You should see the difference immediately.

Instagram Backed Service:

If you would like a simple, a relatively quick way to backup all the shots you have (or any combination based on dates or hashtags or likes) then this service is for you.